This Could Be You!

Photo courtesy of Clipper Ventures PLC

Why This Challenge?

In 2018 I decided I wanted a new challenge. I wanted to do something that would push me physically and mentally and incorporate my love of the water.

I followed the last edition of the Volvo Ocean Race (2017-2018) and was amazed at what the professional sailors went through to circumnavigate the world. As I started to google yacht racing I came across a race called the Clipper Round The World Race which consists of amateur sailors sailing 70’ one design racing yachts around the world. A one-design boat means that the class of boats are all exactly the same.

My reason to race is simple. I love adventure, travel and human connections. The Clipper race provides an opportunity to meet like minded people who want to challenge themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally. What better human experience than to put 20 strangers on a 70’ yacht in the middle of the ocean to see if they can survive, let alone compete against 10 other boats. This would be my early mid-life crises event and I’m not about to waste this opportunity.

Clipper brands themselves as the “Race of your life” and I do believe this will be that. And don’t forget Ironman’s motto of “Anything is Possible”. I love empowering brand slogans, they make you feel great inside. I’ll leave you with this one, “Just do it”.

Video Episode 12 – Race Finish!

We are on the home stretch! Only two days left of racing and after 4,000+ nautical miles and 26 days at sea it is all coming down to the last few miles in race 6 during Leg 5 of the 2019-2020 Clipper Round the World Race. Step aboard by clicking the video below to watch…

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