It’s a new year and with that everyone has their New Years resolutions. I’m going to eat less, go to the gym more (or start going for that matter), take the dog on a 10 mile walk every day. The list goes on and on and most of these goals get attention right out of the gate but crash and burn within a few weeks or months. We have all been there, including myself.

So why do some individuals succeed and keep at their resolutions week in and week out while others fail, only to set the same resolution the follow year? I believe it has to do with having purpose. What is the purpose of your goal. Why do you want to work out? Is there a reason you need to loose 10 pounds? What structure do you have in place to get there? It’s important to understand what the purpose of your goal is and to ensure you have structure in place to achieve it.

I set personal challenge physical goals, put structure in place, achieve the goal and then flounder in life after I achieve the goal. My main focus in 2018 was on swimming and competing in the Trans Tahoe Relay and after that on doing a 400 yard pull for time under 5 minutes (4:58 was my time). After reaching that goal I stopped swimming for the past 4 months. Why? I didn’t have a new goal, I didn’t have purpose.

Today I rode my bike for the first time in about 8 months. This is coming from someone who 2 years prior trained for 9 months intensely to complete their first Ironman triathlon, riding multiple times per week. You know how I felt? ALIVE! There is a sense of freedom and being in the moment that comes with cycling. And why did I decide to ride my bike today? No, not because it was my New Years resolution.

This blog, as it grows and develops, will be about my journey as I work towards my next big personal challenge goal. In the coming months I will reveal what challenge I will be undertaking. I’ll give you a small hint, it involves the water.

That’s it for now. Now get out there and exercise with purpose!

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