May 3rd, 2019 was my last day at work after almost 8 years working in the recycling industry. It appears I may be having an early “mid-life” crisis as I left a solid career making good money to go sailing half way around the World. The reason why? Why not! You only live once and this opportunity came up with join other amateur sailors on the bi-annual Clipper Round The World yacht race.

You can check out more information on their website

As Clipper brands themselves, it really is the Race of Your Life. Where else can amateur sailors and teams compete against 10 other one design 70′ racing yachts across the world’s oceans.

What’s #myreasontorace? I want to further develop my sailing skills, go to Australia and China, witness firsthand the over fishing of by hundreds of fishing boats in the South China Sea and meet amazing like minded people from around the world!

I will be releasing blog posts relevant to the 4 levels of mandatory training along with any and all information relevant to my journey. Come sail away with me!

One thought

  1. Oh wow regular Mike well done this is so interesting. I can see you are going to make the most of every moment .truly exciting.
    We’ll be routig for you all the way.
    Best wishes fro us both


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